STOP EVERYTHING: You can now get six bottles of Prosecco for 20 QUID

Excuse us while we empty our entire fridge


by Carl Smith |
Published on

It sort of feels like, this summer, we've consumed about 500 litres of Prosecco. Cut us and we'd basically bleed the stuff. So obviously we're no less than OVER THE MOON that Lidl is gonna be selling six bottles of our favourite fizzy beverage for TWENTY QUID this coming weekend.

Yup, you're reading this right. Six bottles. TWENTY GREAT BRITISH POUNDS.


On August 26th and 27th, the supermarket will be selling a six pack of Allini Prosecco for £20, meaning each bottle's a BARGAINOUS £3.33.

In case you're wondering how this is even possible, said Prosecco's usually £5.79 a bottle and £31.50 for the case of six, but this 20% off deal means we'll actually have to set an alarm for first thing Saturday morning.

No rest for the wicked, eh?


Our bank balance says thank you, Lidl.


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