A CHEESE Easter egg exists and OMG



by Arianna Chatzidakis |

Forget what you know about Easter eggs. In fact, forget EVERYTHING you've ever known about Easter, because this news is seriously life-changing: an actual CHEESE Easter egg. OH WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

We know, we know, it all sounds rather bizarre, but trust us when we say that this Easter egg is not one to miss, especially if you're a cheese fan (and let's face it, who's isn't?!).

Supermarket chain Asda is the brainchild behind this scrumptious invention, and tbh, we're eternally grateful to them for bringing our cheese dreams to life. Feast your eyes on Asda's Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses Cheesealicious Cheddar Easter Egg.

Cheese easter egg

Of course, this reminds us greatly of last year's 'Blacksticks Blue Cheester Egg' which doesn't seem to be available on the website anymore - but don't fret, the 2019 version looks pretty much exactly the same.

Last year's delicious Easter treat comes with some egg-citing additions. And by that we mean crunchy mini oatcake crackers and a sachet of sweet and sticky caremelised onion chutney (an absolute must-have side-dish for when eating cheese).

©© Asda

Both of these condiments could be found in the box alongside the half-shaped 'Cheester Egg', and we highly recommend eating them together. Mmmmm.

We're totally on-board with this twist on the traditional chocolate Easter egg, which frankly, is getting a little bit boring. Instead, this cheese version is the perfect treat to gift yourself (or your fellow foodie) in the run up to Easter.

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