Was Cheryl miming during her performance on Sunday night’s X Factor?

Have a gander at the video and decide for yourself...


by Gwendolyn Smith |
Published on

Poor Cheryl – what with first being accused of having a nipple slip and now for miming, her performance on Sunday’s* X Factor* wasn’t quite the triumphant debut it was meant to be.

The sparky brunette looked stunning in a risqué white ensemble while dancing vigorously throughout the performance of her new single, I Don’t Care (possibly a cryptic message to the haterz?)

But indignant fans took to Twitter en masse to criticize the star for not singing live.

Still, a rep for the starlet rebuffed the claims, telling the Mirror Online: “She wasn’t miming”.

Check out the video for yourself - what do you reckon? We just find it hard not to get distracted by those over-exaggerated eyebrow raises she makes every time the chorus comes around.

Anyhow, no matter whether sound was coming out of those lacquered lips or not, between Chez’s demonstration of her dancing talent on the show and the furore she provokes with just one performance, it’s pretty clear that if nothing else, she’s got the X Factor.

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