Five reasons we LOVE Chinese Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui

Stand back Usain Bolt and apologies to Charlotte Dujardin, there's a new Olympic hero on the block.

Fu Yuanhui

by Eden-Olivia Lord |
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Her name's Fu Yuanhui, she's a Chinese swimmer and she's absolutely hilarious. We're not the only ones to have spotted her brilliance mind. It seems she's everyone on Twitter's favourite too and become the face of all the best memes.

One Twitter wag said:

"We all have this one friend when taking photos… (Seriously though, how awesome is Fu Yuanhui??)"

Others wrote: "Swear to God I think Fu Yuanhui and I would be best friends."

"When you get off work early."

"Our swimmers are great, but Fu Yuanhui from China is easily my favourite."

As you can see she's hella cool and our Olympic bae right now.

If you don't know her we're slightly judging you but here's five reasons to get on-board with the Fu fandom:

  • She's 20 years old and competing in the Olympics; if that's not goals we don't know what is. At 20 we were either off our faces on alcopops at uni or hungover in a lecture.

  • She's funny as f*ck. Have you seen her reaction when she finds out she swam 100-metres backstroke in 58.95 seconds?

  • We totally relate to her clumsiness. Have you seen the gif of when she hurts herself pulling her swimsuit up? If that's not us, we don't know what is…

  • She's a real team player and her cheering should be an inspiration to us all.

  • When a reporter asked her what's her expectation, she replied: "Nothing! I'm already satisfied."

This is the answer we should say when people ask what our expectations are of life.

We love you Fu Yuanhui. Keep being you pleaseeeeeee.

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