10 things you’ll know if you shopped at Claire’s Accessories

No shopping trip was complete without a snoop around Claire's


by Arianna Chatzidakis |

There's no denying that whilst growing up, the majority of us spent 90% of our teenage years in Claire's Accessories. The iconic High Street store was a treasure trove full of everything a teenage girl could need, from fluffy pom-pom earrings to stick-on tooth gems (an absolute necessity, if we do say so ourselves).

So, as you can imagine, Claire's has a special place in our hearts, and we bet it does in yours too. If you used to be a big fan of the high-street chain, we bet that you can relate to these 10 things.


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Also, a ring watch was an absolute must-have accessory and no-one could tell you any different.

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Because 10 ITEMS FOR £5, PEOPLE.

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As did the wall of neon goodies. GIMME.

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But it was definitely a rite of passage.

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Clip-on or magnetic earrings. So chic.

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A very real thing.

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...because you couldn't call your friend a real bestie until you'd both purchased one of these bad boys.

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The skull print wristbands and fishnet gloves came in very handy during your year 7 goth/emo phase.

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Any invite to any upcoming party would require a trip to Claire's to purchase some pink glitter hairspray.

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"But mum, I really NEED a watermelon and cotton candy flavoured lip balm!"

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Despite being an actual icon of every girls' (and plenty of boys') childhood from the here to Guatemala (seriously, Claire's had stores EVERYWHERE), the American counterpart actually went into administration in 2018, leaving us fearful for a future generation of sparkly-seeking teens as well as mourning the loss of Saturday afternoons past.

But thankfully, the US's bankruptcy didn't affect our beloved UK stores and you'll still find one on pretty much every British high street.

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