Coca-Cola’s new flavour is SO WEIRD

But we're so into it

Coca-Cola coffee

by Carl Smith |

Earlier this year we were what can only be described as SHOOK when Coca-Cola announced their snazzy Zero Sugar Vanilla product. So imagine our reaction when we caught wind of the fact COFFEE-flavoured Coca-Cola actually exists in this world.


Yep - in news set to send caffeine queens into an absolute frenzy Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar (catchy) is the latest limited edition flavour to be launched; and we think we're into it.

Coca-Cola obviously has loads of fancy flavours around the world - including the USA's black cherry and orange found in Latvia and Russia - and it's actually Australia that'll be getting the coffee-flavoured version in time for their summer.

Oh yeah, sorry mate. We probably should've mentioned the Australia exclusive thing earlier.

Coca-Cola Australia spokeswoman Lisa Winn said: "Australians have a love-affair with coffee so we thought why not give them more of what they want.

"We think it will be a great-tasting afternoon pick-me-up - like a delicious antidote to the 3pm slump."


In case you're wondering the stuff contains 14mg of caffeine per 100ml, which is more than your regular Coca-Cola but loads less than a cappuccino.

What d'ya reckon? Wanna see it come to the UK?


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