Come join Vicky Pattison for the very last heat’s Big Night In with Lambrini this Saturday!

It’s our last Big Night In. Sad times…


by Anna Lewis |

Big Nights Out are older hat than our old hat. Older than one of Jamiroquai’s old hats, even, and they’re from the ‘90s. No, these days it’s all bout the Big Night In!

Go to from 7pm on Saturday night to join us on the sofa for an evening of TV-themed fun, and no hats of any kind. We’ll be filming all our thoughts on Saturday night’s TV from the heat living room just before The X Factor and after it finishes, as well as posting all sorts of stuff online – basically just the sort of stuff that makes us laugh over the course of the evening. And we’ve got a celebrity guest with us, too. So stay in with us PLEASE!

At heat Towers this week…

Vicky Pattison

Vicky is the Queen of Geordie Shore, so we’re hoping she’ll give us a knighthood or a palace or something in return for entertaining her all evening.


heat’s Editor-in-Chief Lucie Cave

Lucie is your host this week for the final Big Night In with Lambrini. She’ll be quizzing our guests on what they think about the telly we’re all watching together.’s Anna Lewis

Anna, meanwhile, is the official Big Night In butler. So, we’ll probably get her to make us all a sandwich or something.


One lucky reader gets the chance to enjoy a big night in with heat and Lambrini at heat Towers!

So come join us from 6pm on, and get involved on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine too!

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