Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison: meet the Mums!

See who has been grinding Jennifer's gears in her Liverpool dance studio


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It's already Week 2 of Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison, and this week we're expecting to see even more tears, tantrums and toe-curlingly embarassing scenes in Jennifer's dance studio - and that's just from the mums.

So we thought we'd give you a quick introduction to each of the characters, so you'll be able to follow all the drama on Dance Mums, tonight at 9pm on Lifetime.

In the meantime, here's just what a few of you have been saying about the show so far:

And without further ado, here are the Mums!


Dance Mums - meet the mums

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The Dance Mums!

Helen and Molly2 of 8

Helen and Molly

You might not see as much of Helen as you do the other mums as she works weekends and can’t always make 10-year-old Molly’s competitions. Despite this – or maybe because of this – Molly works even harder to master the same moves and routines as her older rivals, and can even do her own competition hair and makeup. In dance mum world, this is a BIG deal. Thanks to Helen’s work commitments she manages to stay out of all the drama that consumes her fellow mums, so she can focus purely on Molly’s training.

Kelly and Eleiyah3 of 8

Kelly and Eleiyah

Kelly is, like Jennifer, pretty pregnant during the filming of this series – but that doesn’t hold her back from championing Eleiyah’s every move. With her skills as a hairdresser and makeup artist, Kelly is quick to impress Jennifer - and Jen’s also got her eye on Eleiyah’s rapidly developing dance skills. So will Kelly clash with Maxine, the mum of Eleiyah’s rival Tayluer? You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out…

Maxine and Tayluer4 of 8

Maxine and Tayluer

Ah, lovely Maxine’s a right old pro at this dance mums business – and with a daughter who wins every trophy, cup and title going, she’s sitting pretty as Queen Bee. But with Tayluer’s rival Eleiyah quickly establishing herself as a serious contender to that coveted top-of-the-pyramid position, will Maxine maintain her cool, calm and collected image?

Serena and Chloe5 of 8

Serena and Chloe

Described as “brassy”, Serena is determined that absolutely no-one will stand in eight-year-old Chloe’s rise to the top. She even doles out muscle massages to Chloe after a hard day of training – even though she has to work night shifts to pay for Chloe’s dance lessons. Serena’s work is paying off though, as Jennifer has already noticed Chloe’s talents and even named the little girl as her prodigy.

Carol and Chloe6 of 8

Carol and Chloe

Carol took a bit of a back seat to the more forthcoming mums in the first episode, but that’s not to say she’s a wallflower. She’s adept at sowing seeds of discord among the mums, especially if it’s to push forward 14-year-old only child Chloe.Meanwhile, Chloe’s been trained as a classical ballet dancer since childhood but is losing interest in her competitive hobby as she grows up, which can often be a source of conflict between her and Carol. Luckily for them both, Nana Linda is on hand to dispense hugs and wise words of wisdom.

Danielle and Aleah7 of 8

Danielle and Aleah

Arguably the most frustrating mums of Jennifer’s group, Danielle loves to cause drama – and is determined to get nine-year-old Aleah to the top of pyramid if it’s the last thing she does. She’s admitted to living vicariously through her five children but has crossed Jennifer’s path for not knowing how to style Aleah’s hair for competitions – a serious crime for a dance mum in the making.

Charlotte and Sam8 of 8

Charlotte and Sam

Charlotte’s already had a big run-in with Jennifer, telling her 14-year-old daughter’s dance tutor to “stop screaming at me like a fishwife” and “say it to me face!” in the middle of a car-park during the first episode. She quickly became pally with fellow troublemaker Danielle, and the pair of them can often be seen whispering together in the changing rooms away from the curious eyes of the other mums.Meanwhile, Sam has been dancing since early childhood and has made a name for herself on the Liverpool dance circuit – but she can still be overshadowed by her younger rivals…

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