This app lets you date lookalikes of your celebrity crush and were living for it

David Beckham, we're coming for you

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Ok, admit it... we've all got a celebrity crush. That one famous person who you've got on your bucket list and you absolutely would go there with, if the opportunity arose.

Whether it's an obvious person like Ed Westwick or Harry Styles (we mean, who doesn't fancy them?) or a slightly more rogue choice like James Corden or Prince Harry, we know for certain that there's somebody you've seen when flicking through the pages of heat magazine whose taken your fancy.

So, it might excite you to hear that you can now go on an IRL date with your celebrity crush…well, kind of.

Ed Sheeran Cherry Seaborn
You could find yourself your own Ed...

The dating app, Badoo, has introduced a setting which allows you to find your celebrity crush's lookalike via face recognition. We know, SO HIGH TECH.

All you have to do is scan in a picture of your celebrity bae, and the app will show you hundreds of people that look just like them.


And don't worry about someone else snagging your dream man first…Jake Gyllenhaal, for example, has a whopping 975 lookalikes on Badoo, Ed Sheeran has 1408 and even Boris Johnson has 653...

Yup, we think we'll pass on Bojo too, tbh.

We don't know about you, but we NEED this app now. We wonder who our celebrity lookalike is?!

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