So, a dog drove a tractor onto the motorway and caused chaos…

There are no words.


by Anna Lewis |
Published on

Huge traffic tailbacks were caused on a busy motorway this morning “due to a dog taking control of a tractor”.

We can now reveal that the dog in question was a collie named Don.

The bizarre incident was reported by Traffic Scotland at junction 13 of the M74 near Abington in South Lanarkshire. Even they had to point out it wasn’t a joke.

It was reported that the dog had leaned on the controls of the tractor, taking it from a field on to the road.

Thankfully the dog is OK. A bit shook up and confused about why he was driving a tractor down the motorway, but OK.

Police said the only details they had on the incident were that a vehicle had gone through a fence near the motorway at around 8.15am.

Initially it was confirmed by Traffic Scotland as a relatively mundane accident.

The incident led to plenty of dog puns as people responded to Traffic Scotland’s tweets where it was labelled the “best travel news ever” and “tweet of the day”.

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