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Ever in the history of celebrity twins

Sprouse Twins

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If for some frankly bizarre reason you're not already completely and utterly obsessed with the Sprouse twins, please allow us to introduce you to our absolute favourite celebrity twins of all time.

You may recognise them from classic (seriously, they don't make kids TV like it anymore) Disney Channel show, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. The premise of the show was basically the two boys living in a hotel, running riot and winding up the manager Mr Mosby with their mischievous antics and it was just all-round great. So great, in fact, that they made a spin-off show, swapping the hotel for a cruise ship, called The Suite Life On Deck.

Anyway, nowadays Cole Sprouse is winning hearts across the globe as Jughead in the new Netflix hit Riverdale, while Dylan has launched All-Wise Meadery, an 'all-American, locally sourced, & heathen owned micro-meadery and bar'.

They've also grown up. A LOT.

Sprouse Twins

So, sit back and relax as we take you through their journey from child actors to certified fitlords and Twitter legends with Dylan and Cole Sprouse: An education.

1. They were super adorable on The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody

Sprouse Twins

We learnt a lot of valuable life lessons and also (probably) picked up a few parenting skills from Zack & Cody's riotous behaviour at the Tipton Hotel.

And the hair. Can we please just discuss the hair. No one quite managed to master the noughties skater vibe meets well-groomed, precocious child actor locks quite like the Sprouse twins.


We've honestly never been so excited as that time when That's So Raven, Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody joined forces and formed MEGA show That's So Suite Life Of Hannah Montanna.

Sprouse Twins

The three-episode crossover special saw Zack and Cody become fashion models for Raven Baxter after she had a vision before hosting a fashion show at the Tipton Hotel. Then Hannah Montana had a fight with London Tipton over a dress.

It was peak Disney Channel and peak Cole and Dylan Sprouse in our eyes.

3. They've both proved themselves as talented actors

Aside from The Suite Life, The Suite Life on Deck and the absolute TV gold that was That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montanna, the Sprouse twins have also proved to be quite the talented thespians.

They've appeared in a number of movies together on the big screen, both sharing roles and as individual characters.

Their first movie role came in 1999 when they were cast as the ADORBZ Julian McGrath in Big Daddy.

Cole is currently starring as [Jughead in Netflix' huge hit Riverdale](planetradio.co.uk/heat/entertainment/tv-movies/riverdale-everything-need-know/

), while Dylan is taking a break from acting and focussing on his brewry.

4. Umm. There are photos on the internet of Dylan's PEEN

Seriously. Back in 2013 a nude photo of Dylan was leaked and everyone saw his peen (it was resting on a sink, naturally).

5. But he can see the funny side in it now

Dylan was able to see the funny side in the whole peen-gate and tweeted about a load of things that were trending higer than his dick pics.

Cole, obviously, got involved too and mocked Dylan.

6. They're ruthless on Twitter

Probably the main reason we're so obsessed with the Sprouse twins is because they're bloody hilarious on social media. They're constantly embarrasing and teasing eachother and who does't love to see family members absolutely roasting eachother online.

Here are a few of our faves.

Cole and Dylan Sprouse

7. And still torment Mr Moseby when they can

Not only do they take the piss out of each other, but they still find time to torment their former Suite Life nemisis Mr Moseby aka actor Phill Lewis.

Cole and Dylan Sprouse

8. Cole Sprouse has the BEST Instagram account

Cole and Dylan Sprouse

He has a whole account dedicated to taking sneaky photographs of people taking sneaky photographs of him and his brother. We've never been more in love.

Cole and Dylan Sprouse

You can follow him here at @camera_duels.

9. He's also amazing at photography

Cole and Dylan Sprouse


No, seriosuly he's really good. Here's is OTHER instagram account: @colesprouse

10. They're committed to keeping their joint Wikipedia account alive and running

Cole and Dylan Sprouse

TBF, it is a public service.

11. Did we mention they're ruthless on Twitter?


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