Woman screams so loud at EastEnders revealing Bobby as Lucy Beale’s killer the police are called

...and how Twitter reacted to the big reveal

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by Laurence Mozafari |
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Yes, it's fair to say that a lot of people didn't see Bobby being Lucy Beale's murderer on EastEnders - well, apart from those of you who called it yesterday over on our Twitter account - when it was revealed in the second on Thursdays two live 'Enders episodes.

One woman was so in shock about the whole thing, she screamed. Fair enough. BUT her scream was so loud police were called to her home for fear there was an 'Enders style Beale murder afoot.

Sgt Richard Berns from Brownswood ward in Hackney tweeted:

“A woman screamed so loudly after the identity of #LucyBeale's killer was revealed. Her neighbours called the Police. All calm now...”

However, it's thought the callout was actually before the killer was revealed. Maybe the all the excitement just got to her. Another episode set to air tonight will reveal the extent of Jane's involvement in the cover up.

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Here's how Twitter reacted:

Some were completely shocked by the big reveal:

Including us...

Others pointed out it was probably just a twist for the sake of a twist...

Meanwhile other Twitter users launched popped out some excellent puns - Bobby-dazzlers in fact...

One Twitter user offered up a new take on why Bobby might have done a murder...

Some more out there than others...

And others worried for his future career...

Not AGAIN surely?

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But then everyone realised? How the heck did Bobby kill her? He's a kid. One that looks like they could be toppled by a strong gust of wind, too...

We'll find out more as EastEnders returns tonight for a live 30 minute episode at 8pm.

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