13 times Ed Miliband was the King of Twitter

Bow down to the sassiest politician that's ever been

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by Polly Foreman |
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A number of bizarre things have come with the social media age, but none quite so… questionable as the state of Ed Miliband's Twitter page.

This guy used to be THE ACTUAL LEADER OF THE LABOUR PARTY OF THE UNITED KINGDOM, but now he's the leader of Twitter, top bantz, and our hearts.

You may have heard that Ed is soon to be the editor-in-chief of heat magazine (soz, Lucie Cave hun) – so we thought we'd celebrate his new post with a round-up of his best Twitter moments.

We can say with certainty that heat are solid gold members of the Milifandom <3

1) That time he announced his new job at heat magazine

We were surprised but not dismayed to learn via the medium of Twitter that Ed Miliband is to become our new boss.

2) That time he took down Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan is known for spending huge amounts of time actively seeking to offend large proportions of the populations (maybe he's bitter he lost heat's Weird Crush competition? Idk).

So in came Ed Miliband, who took him right down after Piers literally used the phrase 'rabid feminists' in a tweet.

Literally, ugh.

3) That time he reassured us he'll one day be a pop sensation

We were a bit disappointed about the Glastonbury line-up this year, tbh. Who on earth in their right mind would book Ed Sheeran over Ed Miliband? Wrong Ed, Emily Eavis! ffs.

4) That time he had a right mare in Holborn station

Tbh, that's the kind of mistake we'd make when drunk.

5) That time he just did not have time for the Prime Minister's dilly dallying

V fair.

6) That time he went all millennial with his acronyms

OMG, Ed. UR mega lolz, tbh.

7) That time he took on the newly elected President of the United States

8) Then did it again with just one word

9) And again


11) That time he laid in to THAT headline

The legs-it debacle was hands down the most controversial / awful headline of the year, and Milibae responded perfectly.

12) That time he threw a good helping of shade Nigel Farage's way

13) And, best of all, that time he teamed up with the other King of Twitter

Everyone knows James Blunt is the original Twitter king, and this exchange between he and Ed warmed our cold, cold hearts.

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