Edwina Currie hopes her views on sex ‘enlightened’ viewers – it’s a WI issue, don’t you know…

Edwina Currie is proud of her sexy comments on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.


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The former MP came across a tad sexually frustrated in the jungle and, seemingly to release her urges for some of the men in camp, she kept talking about her bedroom antics both past and present.

Poor old Tinchy Stryder is still trying to erase the memory of Edwina’s cherry popping. (He wasn’t there by the way – it’s just that Edwina’s a really imaginative storyteller.)

“We were all talking about losing our virginity [on the show],” she told* the Sun*.

“It was so long ago anyway. I don’t mind talking about what happened half a century ago.

“If it enlightens other people and gets them to a state of maturity and sexual awareness, I’m happy.

“It may be a taboo subject for young people. When you get to a certain age, you talk about it all the time. It’s one of the issues of the WI (Women’s Institute).”

Edwina also revealed that she told fellow campmate Nadia Forde to “enjoy it while you can, love” before telling Jake to be careful not to get “overwhelmed” by the amount of women who’d be throwing themselves on him when he gets back to Blighty.

We think he’s had enough practice with you, Edwina…


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