EXCLUSIVE! ER’s Noah Wyle: “I’m the marry, George Clooney is the one-night stand…”

Noah Wyle talks exclusively to heat about surviving with Bear Grylls and being compared to George Clooney…

by Lisa Howells |
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One of the most common TV conversations we have in the heat office goes like this: Sam or Dean? Dean or Sam? Much like Supernatural fans today having to choose between the both-ridiculously-hot Winchester brothers, we spent pretty much the whole of the ’90s and Noughties trying to decide between ER doctors Carter and Ross, aka Noah Wyle and George Clooney. And it wasn’t just us apparently...

In his ER days. Dreamy
In his ER days. Dreamy

When we caught up with Noah, over in the UK to talk Season 2 of the frankly fabulous The Librarians, he revealed how he once discovered his ER co-star, The Good Wife’s Julianna Margulies, playing Snog, Marry, Avoid about him and Clooney.

Julianna couldn't decide, either. She's only human

“In the US, we call it Marry, Bury, One Night Stand. I’d managed to go my whole life without having heard of it until one day on the set of ER, I overheard Julianna playing it about us,” he laughs. “I was Marry and George was the One-Night Stand… I’d probably rank it the same way today.”

Still looking fine when speaking to heat

And Noah is now back on UK screens in Season 2 of The Librarians (premiering 2 November at 8pm on SyFy UK). A fantasy adventure about a group who collect magical artifacts and protect humanity from evil, the first season featured minotaurs, dragons and the dude from The Evil Dead films playing Santa Claus. Can we expect more of the same this time?

Noah and the rest of The Librarians

“This series is very exciting, as Flynn meets his nemesis in the shape of Professor Moriarty,” Noah reveals. Like, Sherlock’s Moriarty? “Yes, and we went back to the Conan Doyle books to keep it as accurate as possible.” Move over, Cumberbatch – you’ve got competition.

The role calls for Wyle to get into A LOT of fights - but does he do his own stunts? “I do most of them. Until I get to something that someone else could do it better,” he smiles.

So, now he’s an action man, will he be making like Zac Efron and Running Wild with Bear Grylls?

Noah would Run With Bear

“You know, someone once asked me what would be the first thing I’d grab in an apocalypse [Noah also stars in Falling Skies, about surviving the aftermath of an alien invasion] and I said Bear Grylls,” Noah confesses. So he'd be prepared to drink his own pee then? “Sure – I’d get to boil it first, right?” Maybe not, we warned, depending what was available in this alien-commandeered new world. “Great. Now all I can think about now is drinking my own pee.”

When heat met Noah

And we’ve gone back to thinking about him and Clooney. For the record, we’d still marry Carter ANY day.

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