Farrah Abraham AND Janice Dickinson receive police cautions for THAT CBBBOTS fight

The pair have been reprimanded by police for ‘common assault’

CBB Bit on the side fight farrah aisleyne

by Emmeline Saunders |
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Farrah Abraham and Janice Dickinson have both received police cautions for their respective roles in last week’s huge ‘brawl’ on Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side.

A police spokesperson told heatworld that Hertfordshire Police has issued both of the women with a caution for common assault.


“Officers from Hertfordshire Constabulary interviewed four people on September 25 in connection to allegations of assault at Elstree Studios on the evening of September 22,” the rep said.

“As a result of investigations, two women, aged 24 and 60, have received a police caution for common assault.

“Enquiries in connection with another assault allegation continue, therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”


In a statement released at the weekend, Farrah admitted to throwing a champagne glass across the studio that hit Vicki Michelle in the back of the head – although she promised she hadn’t been aiming it at anyone.

“I was assaulted twice by Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace and Janice Dickinson. After speaking with the police and my lawyer, I have pressed charges against Aisleyne and am considering issuing a lawsuit against Janice,” she said.

Farrah also posted proof of her own injuries after the fight

“I was deeply shocked and traumatised following the initial attack by Aisleyne and was very frightened she was going to attack me again or glass me, so my natural instinct was to jump up and do something to defend myself to make Aisleyne back off. As a defence mechanism, I threw an empty champagne glass towards the wall and unfortunately Vicki got caught in the crossfire 100% by accident.”

During the fight, CBBBOTS was taken off-air, so viewers haven’t yet seen all the footage.

However, police have reviewed everything that happened in the lead up to the first glass being thrown and decided not to press charges. Yet.

The police caution will stay on Farrah and Janice’s criminal records for five years, meaning they’ll, er, have to bring it up on any future job applications they submit.

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