Fashion Police on 6-month BREAK after shock exit of Kelly Osbourne AND Kathy Griffin

All upcoming shows have been cancelled in the wake of the series of scandals

fashion police cancelled

by Emmeline Saunders |
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E!’s flagship show Fashion Police has been put on hiatus while TV bosses deal with the fallout from two of its presenters quitting within weeks of each other.

The programme – previously fronted by comedian Joan Rivers until her death last year – has been struck by a run of bad luck after both Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin departed in two shock exits.

Kelly quit after falling out with co-host Giuliana Rancic over comments she allegedly made about US actress Zendaya Coleman at the Oscars, provoking a Twitter storm and accusations of racism.


    And last week, Joan’s replacement Kathy announced she was also leaving after filming just seven episodes, saying she had no interest in contributing to “a culture of unattainable perfectionism and intolerance towards difference”.

    A statement from E! said the show will now be put on hold for six months, instead of returning on 30 March as planned.

    “It will return in September,” the channel said.

    “We look forward to taking this opportunity to refresh the show before the next awards season. Our talented co-hosts Giuliana Rancic and Brad Goreski, along with executive producer Melissa Rivers, will continue their roles as we evolve the show into its next chapter for the legions of Fashion Police fans around the world.”

    But there are some doubts over Giuliana’s future on the show – she’s been there since its premiere in 2010 but a source told Radar Online that her alleged “diva behaviour” is taking its toll.

    “Tapings of Fashion Police were awful because Giuliana constantly needed to have her make-up re-touched,” the insider said.

    “Her face was always in front of a mirror. Kathy wanted to turn it into a skit for her comedy act.”

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