Fresh Meat is back for a fourth and final series – so wave goodbye to JP! SOB

Say it aint so!


by Rosie Gizauskas |
Published on

We’re totally gutted right now – genius uni-based comedy* Fresh Meat* is coming to an end. NOOOO.

Jack Whitehall recently confirmed that a new series was being filmed in 2015. It’s now been announced that this will be the last.

We’re very, very excited about the new series – but very sad that it’s all coming to an end. Although series four may be a good place to leave the show without it dragging on forever.

Channel 4 head of drama Piers Wenger confirmed to Broadcast magazine that that we can look forward to eight more episodes. The show is expected to air later this year.

The comedy also stars Zawe Ashton, Charlotte Ritchie and Joe Thomas – as housemates in Manchester.

So, what do we really, really want to happen in the final series?

Well, Josie and Kingsley need to get back together for a start. Properly. When we last saw them they were touching fingers through the hole in the wall in between their bedroom, so it could happen.

Oregon and Vod need to be running the Student Union with aplomb and basically being massive bosses, but we’re guessing it will have all gone horribly wrong.

JP deserves an actual girlfriend – but we still want him to be as an obnoxious posho as ever, obviously.

And Vod’s got to carry on being Vod, because she’s not allowed to change. Ever.

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