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Here at heat, we love a good laugh. Whether it’s at silly celebrity shenanigans or cutting-edge comedy – the more cheeky and hilarious, the better!

We’re also big fans of championing inspiring females, so that’s why we are delighted to partner again with this year’s Funny Women Awards for its 20th anniversary.

The mission of Funny Women is to encourage women to have a stronger, funnier and more memorable voice across media, and past winners of the prestigious prize include London Hughes, Katherine Ryan and Game of Thrones actress Gemma Whelan.

Not too shabby, eh?

Since we’re connoisseurs of online funny (in other words, we spend hours scrolling online and cackling at funny vids), we thought it was only right that we specifically championed the heat Content Creator Award, which focuses on finding the hidden gems on our social media feeds and is voted for by the general public.

And now the winners for all the categories have been announced.

Funny Women Awards 2022 winners

heat's content creator winner

The winner of heat's award was Chanel Williams and you can follow her on TikTok @chanwills, Instagram @chanwills and she has a YouTube channel @chanwills0.

After winning her award, we caught up with Chanel to speak about her nomination, win and gaining one million followers within three months...

How did you feel when you was nominated for heat's Content Creator Award?

It was such a nice surprise to be nominated again this year! I’d had the best time at the last award show so was gassed to get to come back and see some familiar faces, as well as so many new ones. But really just honoured that enough people thought of me and my content to get into the vote stage. It’s great to know people enjoy it.

How did you feel when you won heat’s Content Creator Award?

Oh, it was an out of body experience. I have no idea what I said on stage. I knew there was a decent shot I could win but you don’t want to think you will and then not, so I tried to focus more on what songs I was gonna slay at the karaoke afterwards. Aretha Franklin and I didn’t do too badly actually so it was a triumphant night on both counts.

Can you remember when you first realised you’re actually hilarious?

I was in the school showcase when I was eight. It was like a talent show thing, pretty last minute and I’d chosen to perform this monologue as a sarcastic house cat… at the end my teacher took me to one side and told me my comedic timing was exceptional. I actually wasn’t going for funny, I was attempting realism but I appreciated the compliment.

When did you start posting on social media?

Same as most, bored and lonely in the pandemic! Just before it all kicked off I’d gotten myself an amazing job working with horses in Turks and Caicos. Quit my UK job, gave up my house share ready to fly over there and then the airports closed a week before my flight. I had no job, no flat and no clue what to do. I was lucky enough to have friends and family take me in while I figured it out. I spent a while feeling depressed and rinsing through my savings while I looked for another job. I started posting silly videos on TikTok as an outlet and within 3 months I had one million followers. It was the biggest surprise but so special to be able to give people a laugh while we were all going through such an uncertain time together.

When did you realise that you could make a career out of being funny?

Probably about six months into posting. I was part way through a masters in Equine Performance research (thought I’d finish it since we had so much time on our hands with the pandemic) and it occurred to me that perhaps I’d just spent the last seven years at university studying horses to become a funny internet lady, and to be honest I wasn’t even pressed about the student debt. I’d grown up watching hilarious women like Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, Victoria Wood, Catherine Tate and if I could provide even a fraction of the laughter these women gave me I’d be a happy camper.

What’s your goals for the next year?

I’d love to take a show to Edinburgh Fringe. I had my first go at stand up in June and it was a baptism of fire going straight for an hour long solo set but it was the most amazing experience. Also, maybe to do a bit more voice acting. I’ve had a few cool opportunities thanks to my parody series where I voice every character and it’d be a dream to do more. I wanted to be an actress when I was a kid and it's been awesome being able to dabble in it again after spending the last decade focusing on working with horses.

And here's the rest of the Funny Women Award 2022 winners...

Stage award supported by NextUp Comedy

Lorna Rose Treen won the stag award AND comedy shorts award categories and fun fact, that's never been done before.

Comedy shorts award supported by LSFF

You can follow the double winner on TikTok @lornaregionaltransport, Instagram @instalorns and Twitter @lornlornlors.

Comedy writing award

Ruby Carr won the comedy writing award and if you want to follow her you can on Instagram @rubyvroomvroom.

Industry Award

 Last but certainly not least, Amy Annette won the industry award and you can follow her on Instagram @theamyannette and Twitter @theamyannette.

Not only did they get a fancy gong but the winners all receive expert mentorship and support in their comedy career.

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