An immersive Game of Thrones themed RAVE is coming to London



by Arianna Chatzidakis |

Game of Thrones fans, listen very carefully: your wildest dreams are about to come true, because on April 26th, Electric Brixton are opening their doors for a special GoT-themed party. And anyone who's anyone will be there.

The Rave Of Thrones (lol) is set to be an incredible immersive music experience that comes just in time to celebrate the launch of Season 8 of GoT.

Expect spellbinding entertainment with live actors and performers, a cool White walker entrance and even on-stage sword battles. OMFG.

You'll be able to rub shoulders with Game of Thrones lookalikes, too! But the best part of all? Actual Hodor (aka Kristian Nairn) will be there DJing alongside a Westeros castle replica backdrop with flamethrowers. Yes, actual HODOR.

rave of thrones game of thrones party

The story of ice and fire will be spun to the tune of classic house and dance favourites for 2,000 lucky party goers. Oh, and did we mention that the Iron Throne will be there? Well, a replica of course - but no less Instagram-worthy.

Dress up and cosplay is encouraged, so whether you're from a band of Wildlings or Westeros noblemen, you better come dressed-to-impress in your slickest Game Of Thrones attire.

NOW WATCH Khal Drogo aka Jason Momoa answer the internet's questions:

In other Game of Thrones news, we recently reported that a spin-off show with a White Walker origin was being filmed. The show will be set before Game of Thrones in the Age of Heroes. So far we've found out that Naomi Watts and Josh Whitehouse will star and now we have a date (sort of) for filming to begin!

George RR Martin, author of the books that Game Of Thrones is based on, has posted on his website, “The pilot is not (yet) titled The Long Night. That is the title I prefer, but for the moment it is officially UNTITLED.”

Early bird tickets for Rave of Thrones are £15, so snap yours up here.

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