Game Of Thrones’ Kit Harington exclusively reveals he didn’t like Dermot O’Leary dressing up as him for heat!

It turns out Jon Snow isn't a fan of sharing his wardrobe...


by Hannah Brimson |
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You'll never see that suit on anyone else
You'll never see that suit on anyone else

When we persuaded Dermot O'Leary to dress up as Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones, we thought it was mega LOLs. But Kit Harington himself just exclusively revealed to us on the red carpet for the Game Of Thrones: Season Five premiere this evening that the Dermot photo actually bothered him! Kit told us: "It's scarily good, isn't it? He's about the same height, too. That annoys me for some reason. He makes a really good Jon Snow, doesn't he? And he knows it."

Faux Snow

Watch out, Kit! Derm might well be after your role if Season Six happens...

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