Geordie Shore season 10: Who are newbies Chloe Ferry and Nathan Henry?

heat meets the brand new Geordies to find out EVERYTHING we need to know about them

Geordie Shore season 10, Chloe Ferry, Nathan Henry

by Emmeline Saunders |
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After four years, 17 shaggers and too many incidents of drunken pukey sex for us to even START counting, you might think Geordie Shore has run out of steam.

But nope: season 10 is starting next week – Tuesday 7 April – and it’s got two brand new Geordies joining the cast.

As well as James Tindale leaving. SOB.

We’ve got the newbies – Chloe Ferry, 19, and Nathan Henry, 23 – coming in to heat Towers at 2.15pm today to answer YOUR questions about the new series, who they’ve already porked and what it was like living in a house with the world’s most ridiculously on-off couple, Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle.

Tweet us your questions using the hashtag #heatGeordieShore and check back here later for our exclusive chat with the brand new stars of Geordie Shore season 10.

Geordie Shore Series 10 - newbie Chloe Ferry's boobiest pics EVER!


Geordie Shore Series 10 - newbie Chloe Etherington's boobiest pics EVER!

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chloe image 9

Chloe image 82 of 18

Chloe image 8

Chloe image 73 of 18

Chloe image 7

Chloe image 64 of 18

Chloe image 6

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Chloe image 2

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Chloe image 1

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Chloe image 10

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chloe 12

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chloe 13

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chloe 14

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chloe 15

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chloe 16

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chloe 17

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chloe 18

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