Geordie Shore spoiler video: Charlotte Crosby drops truth bomb on Holly Hagan and it is HARSH


by Georgina Terry |
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Geordie Shore season 11 has so far been dominated by one thing: the relationship fall-out between Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie.

But now that’s Kyle fallen on his own sword and left the boat, things will improve, right? Right?


Holly is still obsessed with Kyle and, according to Charlotte Crosby anyway, trying to please him.

Exactly how she’s trying to please him we are unsure but hope that Skype isn’t involved.

The truth? Holly can't handle the truth!

Anyway, Charlotte decides that Holly needs to hear a few home truths to shake her out of her Kyle compulsion, and that after a few drinks and a night out is the perfect time to do this.

“You’ve seen it with your own eyes but unless your friends tell you, you won’t believe it,” Charlotte tells a hysterical Holly.

And then drops two massive truth bombs:

“He is an arsehole.”

“Listen Holly, he has treated you like sh*t from the minute you got with him.”


“He never cared about you Holly. He never did.”

Owwwww. That is hardcore.

Hey readers, if you’ve ever considered telling your friend what you really think about their ex-partner, our advice is don’t.

You’ll have egg on your face when they’re back together again, like Holly and Kyle.

Also of note in this video: Gary’s concerned face.

Gary does "concerned"

And the way he’s hanging around on the outskirts of the row.

Well, it’s not like he has anything better to do this season, although things will change for season 13 as he’s single again now and has already taken both Charlotte and Holly on a date, the dirty dog.

Watch the video. Go on.

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