We get to decide which X Factor judge gets which category this year!

How exciting!

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by Anna Lewis |

As if we’re not already ridiculously excited about The X Factor returning to our screens Saturday 29 August, we’ve now heard something so awesome we’re not sure we can contain ourselves.

This year we, YES, WE, get to pick which judge – Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw – gets which category.

So do you want Simon to have the Groups? Or Rita to have the Overs? Maybe Cheryl having the Boys would be fun? And we reckon Grimmy could cope with those Girls.

The fate of all the judges is in our hands, with the live Twitter vote opening during the very first episode, and closing 12pm on Tuesday 1 September.

The judges will then be told their groups during filming of the six-chair challenge.

Viewers can vote by tweeting the name of their chosen judge followed by the category. Like this: #SimonOvers or #SimonGroups or… well, you get the picture.

And the best part is the judges and categories have each been captured in emoji form, with their very own specially created characters, which will appear across the tweets during the vote.

How cool is that?!?!

The X Factor returns to ITV on Saturday 29 August.

Hottest X Factor contestants EVER!


Hottest X Factor contestants ever

Shane Ward, series 2
1 of 27

Come on, you know you would...

Chico, series 2
2 of 27

We wish it was Chico Time every hour, on the hour

Nicholas Dorsett, series 2
3 of 27

OK, OK, so the cornrows aren't great.

Ray Quinn, series 3
4 of 27

This guy has DEFINITELY got better with age

Andy Williams, series 4
5 of 27

We don't actually remember if Andy was any good at singing, but he sure was pretty

Daniel DeBourg, series 4
6 of 27

Same goes for Daniel

Futureproof, series 4
7 of 27

We quite like the front three, but we're not sure about far-right's bandanas and far-left, Vince Kidd. No offence, V...

Leon Jackson, series 4
8 of 27

So cute!

Austin Drage, series 5
9 of 27

Great body, if we remember correctly...

JLS, series 5
10 of 27

These guys were always going to make it into our Hottest X Factor Boys Ever gallery, weren't they?

Scott Bruton, series 5
11 of 27

Cute as a button

Danyl Johnson, series 6
12 of 27

Shame he turned out to be a bit of a jerk, eh?

Jamie Archer, series 6
13 of 27


Lloyd Daniels, series 6
14 of 27

Just look at those puppy dog eyes

Olly Murs, series
15 of 27


Matt Cardle, series 7
16 of 27

He's still the hottest painter and decorator we've ever seen

Aiden Grimshaw, series 7
17 of 27

Hot and kinda weird - our favourite combination

One Direction, series 7
18 of 27

Disclaimer: We didn't fancy them when this photo was taken back in the day. That would NOT have been OK...

Wagner, series 7
19 of 27

Oh. How did this get in here...

Jonjo Kerr, series 8
20 of 27

We just love that moody scowl

Marcus Collins, series 8
21 of 27

Lovely Marcus

The Risk, series 8
22 of 27

All equally hot... which is rare for a band

Kye Sones, series 9
23 of 27

Looks better in eyeliner than any of us girls

Union J, series 9
24 of 27

Even hotter since George joined

Kingsland Road, series 10
25 of 27

Fabulous hair if nothing else

Rough Copy, series 10
26 of 27

What's hotter than a man in a pleather skirt? Three men in pleather skirts!

Sam Callahan, series 10
27 of 27

ERM, have you seen his body?!

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