Gin flavoured cheese now exists and we don’t know what to think

Oh, sweet baby cheesus!


by Ruby Norris |
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We thought we’d reached peak 2017 with the arrival of pink prosecco-flavoured cheese earlier this year. But, it turns out we had only scratched the surface of millennials’ fascination with cheese and alcohol hybrids.

Now things have stepped up a gear, and the guys and girls over at The Cheshire Cheese Company have come up with a new alcohol infused cheese that’s got us feeling some type of way.

Behold: Gin and Lemon-flavoured Cheshire Cheese.

©The Cheshire Cheese Company

According to the company’s website, the cheese is a ‘masterful balance of Gin and Lemons with our award winning Creamy Cheshire cheese,’ resulting in a unique and ‘incredibly tasty Cheese blend.’

And it must be doing something right, as it picked up a Bronze Award at the 2017 International Cheese Awards.

While we are BIG fans of all things cheese and partial to the odd (27) Gin and Slimline Tonic, here at heat, something about the combination of the two just doesn’t quite sit right.

But we’re more than willing to try it out.

If you fancy being a bit more experimental with your cheeseboard this Christmas, you can grab a 200g block of the Gin and Lemon concoction for £4.95 here.

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