YAASS, Girls Aloud ‘to reform’ including Cheryl

Girls Aloud

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It's the sound of the underground that Girls Aloud are reforming, after announcing their hiatus five years ago.

Can we get a big, fat, resounding 'OHMYGODYYES!' please?

Girls aloud

The satsuma-skinned girlband are said to be putting their feuds to one side (Cough, Cheryl and Sarah) and are reforming for their forthcoming 20th anniversary.

Er, yeah apparently they are ALREADY organising things for their 2022 comeback. Choreography takes time, people. So does the prep of Cheryl's massive barnet.

The v. exciting news comes as Nadine, 32, cancelled a series of forthcoming solo gigs last week. Both Cheryl, 34, and Sarah, 36, are busy recording solo material.

According to The Sun, the reformation is all Chezza's idea, who approached good friends Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts about it.

GALLERY: Take a look at Girls Aloud's vintage album covers 😍😂


Girls aloud vintage album covers SLIDER

Throwback To Girls Aloud Album Covers1 of 8


Am I looking at the most awkward artistic rendition of Stepford Wives, or is that just me? And can someone please explain why they are using knee-high heeled boots as stockings?

Throwback To Girls Aloud Album Covers2 of 8

The Sound Of The Underground

I am living for Nicola Robert's side-pony.

Throwback To Girls Aloud Album Covers3 of 8

No good Advice

More attitude than a teenage girl experiencing her first dose of PMS.

Throwback To Girls Aloud Album Covers4 of 8

See The Day

Circa See The Day, Lily Allen had convinced everyone that vintage prom dresses were cool. How? Who knows. Add in that Amy Winehouse had made the case for peep-toe heels and you can see how this artwork came to life.

Throwback To Girls Aloud Album Covers5 of 8

Love Machine

I can practically hear the art director shouting: 'play with your sunglasses more'.

Throwback To Girls Aloud Album Covers6 of 8

The Promise

In moments like this, I always feel sorry for Nicole as this is proof that until very recently make-up artists had no clue what do with red heads.

Throwback To Girls Aloud Album Covers7 of 8


I call this 'Attack of the Gok Wan styling school'. Those cinched belts and lingerie-inspired outfits may have been aiming for Dolce & Gabbana, but they landed closer to Lipsy.

Throwback To Girls Aloud Album Covers8 of 8

Can't Speak French

Between the powdered make-up, stiff corseting and dodgy Moulin Rouge theme I've come up with a conspiracy theory: this isn't a group shot, it's a work of photoshop mayhem

The group are planning a massive reunion tour to mark the 20 years since they met and formed on the TV show Popstars: The Rivals.

The timing isn't ideal, seeing as we can barely wait 30 seconds for our chocolate brownie to warm up in the microwave, but we are always up for some pop magic from Girls Aloud.

Brb, grabbing chain belt and Tamagotchi from the loft.

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