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Glastonbury EE tent

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If you're heading off to Worthy Farm for Glastonbury later this week but kinda dreading the thought of a sweaty two-man tent in this actual-30-degree-heat, FEAR NOT. The world's first 4G-connected tent now exists and there's a possibility you could be camping in it. Yup.

How's that for an upgrade, mate?

So here's the deal. EE have basically invented the 4GEE Smart Tent; an innovative camping experience inspired by Smart Home technology. And what's so great about it? There's a bloody mini fridge that TWEETS when stocks are low, for starters. Ingenius.

Glastonbury EE tent

As well as said bespoke fridge (no more warm cider, YAAAS) the 4GEE tent also includes an entertainment centre broadcasting the BBC's live streams of six stages, a 4G wifi hotspot, a solar powered welly warmer (no word of a lie) and voice-activated party setting thingy allowing you to set the mood with your own music and lighting.

Think a 5-star hotel plonked in the middle of a field, basically.

Chatting about the tent, EE's Director of Communications and Sponsorship Mat Sears said: "While camping is a massive part of any music festival, it’s not always the most comfortable experience, so we wanted to create a 4GEE Smart Tent that tested the latest tech-inspired comforts. The on-site 4G network we’re providing to Glastonbury revellers this year is the most powerful we’ve ever put in, and will help create the ultimate connected camping experience.

"We’re looking forward to selecting the one lucky Glastonbury-goer who’ll get to stay in the tent and enjoy it in all its high-tech glory."

So how can you stay in it, eh? For a chance to win a night's stay, reply to @ee using the hashtag #4GEESmartTent between 09:00 on Thursday 22 June and 09:00 on Friday 23 June. EASY PEASY.


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