Good news: everyone is already beach body ready!



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We have some good news. It looks like Britain might be ready to change our holiday habits - sadly we're sure there'll still be plenty of people who'll still wear Union Jack shorts, a string vest and head for a fry up, no matter where they are in the world - but it sounds like women might be shifting their beach beauty habits and hanging up their, erm, hang ups.

A recent survey found that 54% of British women aren't fussed about getting a pre-holiday fake tan, starting a dramatic new gym regime, extreme diet or cutting out all carbs before they go on holiday. This is excellent news, not least because bread is DELICIOUS and deserves to be eaten, but also because it sticks two fingers up at silly suggestions that you need to reinvent yourself to be ready for the beach.

Over half of those cheeky British ladies also suggested they'd be happy sunbathing naked on the beach in the survey by, which quizzed 6,000 Europeans, from Italy, France, UK, Spain and Germany.

Meanwhile in the rest of Europe, 16% of that kinky lot from Spain said they'd be up for going commando on holiday and 21% of the Italians and 19% of the Spanish would be up for making rude sand castles (yes, we do mean beach willys).

But that's not all, 6% of the Spanish and Italians surveyed admitted to taking sneaky pics of other sunbathers they fancied, which we're pretty sure is illegal anywhere you go. DON'T DO THAT.

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