Haagen-Dazs boozy ice cream is here and it’s a game changer

We’ll take 27 tubs, please.

haagen dazs boozy ice cream

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An ideal evening for us is spent buried under 4141415 layers of blankets and binge-watching our favourite box sets while we’re surrounded by an array of take-away foods. Never say we don’t know how to have a good time…

Usually, after our third (sixth) helping of Chinese/pizza/curry/combination of all three (delete as appropriate), we like to move on to the hard stuff: a ginormous tub of ice cream.

While summer is but a distant memory and the thought of a frozen snack on a cold winter’s night may send shivers down your spine, the guys and gals over at Haagen Dazs have added a little something to take your ice cream dependency into the party season. A winter warmer, if you will.

Yup. They’ve introduced some boozy AF flavours and we’re big fans.

The new 'Spirits' collection contains five new alcohol-infused ice creams, combining classic desserts with a spirit or liqueur.

There’s vodka key lime pie, whiskey chocolate truffle, rum ginger cookie, Irish cream coffee and biscotti, plus our personal fave: rum vanilla caramel blondie.

Don’t they just sound dreamy?

Unfortunately, dreaming of these boozy, creamy delights is all we’ll be able to do, as Haagen Dazs have only released the collection in Canada for the time being.

In the meantime, if you’re planning a big night in, you could always improvise with a tub of chocolate chip and a bottle of rum. Or, just the bottle of rum. No one’s judging here.

PLUS, have you heard about Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream? Here’s where you can get it in the UK.

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