These Harry Potter Sorting Hat candles will tell you which Hogwarts house you should be in

1000% accurate, of course.

Harry Potter candle

by Ruby Norris |
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Our stock of Harry Potter memorabilia here at heat towers is coming along very nicely. We've got the bath bombs, the limited-edition books, and even recently splashed out on some Harry Potter-themed lingerie (don't ask).

And now we can add some lovely Harry Potter scented candles to our ever-growing collection.

But these aren't just any old Harry Potter-themed scented candles (we've already got those stashed away somewhere), these candles will actually sort you into the Hogwarts house you were destined to be in.

Harry Potter candles

And they’re obviously 1000% totally accurate (completely random, so unlucky if you get Slytherin)

The Sorting Hat Candle – made out of natural dye-free soy wax, btw – burns away to reveal a hidden surprise. As the candle wax melts, the colour associated with one of the Hogwarts houses will appear.

If you're sorted into Gryffindor, meaning your values include bravery, daring, nerve and chivalry, a burgundy colour will appear. For Hufflepuff – hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty and fair play – it's yellow.

Harry Potter candles

If you get Ravenclaw, you'll see a blue liquid and this means your values are intelligence, knowledge and wit. Slytherin is green, obvs, and don't worry too much because this means you're ambitious, cunning and resourceful (not just snakey AF).

If you're more of a quivering Professor Quirrel than a courageous Neville Longbottom (ya know, when he killed Nagini and basically saved everyone), and don’t fancy leaving your fate in the hands of candle wax and chance, you can also choose to buy the candle associated with the house you want.

The candles are available from Crafty Witches Decor on Etsy and cost £12.07 including shipping in the UK.

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