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by Carl Smith |
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Everyone loves a bit of H&M, don't they? Their summer stuff's on point, we can look half decent on a Saturday without bankrupting ourselves and they're our go-to when we need an umbrella with little in the way of warning. We've always had one question, tough; WHAT THE FRICK DOES H&M ACTUALLY STAND FOR?

Well guys, gals and gender-fluids, allow us to educate you. Yup, we have the answer. Ready for a little lesson in fashion?

H&M logo

So here's the deal. Back in 1947 brand founder Erling Persson opened his first store in Sweden. Then, it was called 'Hennes'; Swedish for 'hers' since they only sold women's clothing at the time.

The 'M'? WELL in 1968 Hennes bought out another brand called Mauritz Widforss; afishing equipment retailer originating in Stockholm. A bit weird, but yeah.

When they officially changed their name to Hennes & Mauritz the brand began selling men's and children's stuff, too.

The H&M abbreviation came to be slghtly later in 1974; with all shops being rebranded. Very M&S, tbh.

So there you go - you know know what H&M stands for and can impress your pals accordingly, you bloody show off.



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