There’s a Home Alone themed bar coming to the UK this Christmas

Christmas is coming everybody

home alone

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So it’s 102 days till Christmas (not that we’re counting or anything) and we’ve got some news to get you excited about the upcoming festive season.

A bar themed around the ultimate Christmas classic, Home Alone, will be opening HERE IN THE UK!

Not that any of you need a reminder, but just in case, that’s the one when, after being accidentally left home alone, Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin) becomes a criminal mastermind when a pair of burglars set their sights on his house.

The company behind this inspired idea, Ghetto Golf Liverpool, announced the news on social media: “We're very aware it's only September but we just can't keep this a secret any longer! This Christmas, we're opening a new venue inside a spectacular space at the Cains Brewery Village...

"It's going to be a fully fledged Christmas bar with a Home Alone theme!!"

Home alone

Ghetto Golf Liverpool already run a crazy golf bar which is decorated with graffiti and looks AMAZING – so we have high hopes for their next project.

Ghetto Golf

So what will the bar actually involve? All sorts of favourites from the movie – think Christmas living rooms, a festive cocktail menu, Christmas bands, huge Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, Sinatra remixes…

Plus a “Ghetto twist”, apparently.

home alone house

The bar is going to be in Liverpool, so if you don’t live there, this will be the perfect excuse to get yourself a train ticket and pay it a visit!

As the company say: “It’s going to be absolutely majestic.”

Could you imagine a better place to drink and be merry this Christmas?


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