How to re-download previously deleted photos and videos from WhatsApp

It's only possible for Android users

WhatsApp on iPhone X

by Anna Sky Hulton |
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Updates to WhatsApp have been rolled out recently enabling Android users to re-download deleted media - deleted at anytime. Previously, Android users have been able to get media that has been deleted from WhatsApp, but only up to 30 days after it was originally deleted. Then, as soon as it was re-downloaded the media would be downloaded from the WhatsApp servers.

However, things have now changed with the latest update....

From now on WhatsApp will keep the deleted media indefinitely (if the chat hasn't been deleted), so you'll be able to access it any time. However, if you're worried about who will have access to this data don't, the app has end-to-end encryption, meaning that not even WhatsApp themselves can access the data.

So, if you're an Android user and want to know how to get back some media you've deleted from the app follow these simple instructions.

  1. Open WhatsApp to the Chats page.
  1. Find the thread that contains the file you want.
  1. Once you've found it tap on it to save it to your phone.

Easy as that!

In other WhatsApp news the app also now gives you longer to delete a message for everyone. Originally set to seven minutes, WhatsApp changed the length of time for the 'delete for everyone' option to one hour. According to WABetaInfo this is also available for iOS users through an update.

For those who need a reminder of how to delete a message in WhatsApp simply follow these instructions.

  1. Open WhatsApp and find the message you want to delete.
  1. Tap and hold the message which will bring up some options.
  1. Click on 'Delete for Everyone'.

Remember you must have the most recent version of the app in order to do this. The latest version of WhatsApp can be downloaded from your Google Play or iOS app store.

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