5 Tips for training like an Olympic athlete

Two leading British female athletes share their secrets...

how to train like an olympic athlete

by Arianna Chatzidakis |
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Wanna get into shape, but not sure how? Follow this advice from two leading British female athletes - Katarina Thompson-Johnson and Dina Asher-Smith - who have shared their top training secrets, diets and motivations!

1. Vary your workouts

"I train on 6 days a week. Sunday is typically my rest day. I do a lot of abs and lower body, but I also do EMS training which is electric muscle stimulation. So I'll be hooked up to something which gives me electrical currents whilst working out - I swear by it," admits Dina.

Ah, so that's her secret - we need to try out this EMS training immediately!

2. Eat healthy, but have fun with your food!

"For breakfast I love to eat my Müllerlight Kremas yoghurt and start the day with that [because it's] fat free and delicious. I love granola and yoghurt that’s literally the one food I could eat bowls and bowls of!" says Katarina.

"For lunch I just make eggs when I come back from training, and I mix them up with avocado, smoked salmon and bread. I’m not going to sit here and say I cook a lot - I Deliveroo a lot of healthy stuff to my apartment." OMG us too, Kat, us too.

Dina told us, "for breakfast, I’ll start with a banana, and the Müller Corner Plain yoghurt which I like because it's 20% less sugar than before and high in protein, which is obviously important for a sprinter or an athlete.

"I'll make sure my lunch has a protein source, whether that’s salmon, chicken or red meat, and vegetables. I get my five-a-day every day. Dinner is pretty much the same thing but maybe with a carb, so some brown rice or quinoa or couscous. My grocery shopping list every week is ridiculous, like how many apples, bananas, kale can I go through?!"

Müllerlight Kremas is voted product of the year - its whipped greek style yogurt is 99 calories or less and FAT FREE! It is high in fibre and in protein. Available in all leading retailers.

3. Train whilst listening to music

"I listen to all sorts, like Kanye and Nicki Minaj. I always have a new playlist for a championship. I look at the previous championships and add the songs that have worked and then add new music [into the mix]," says Katarina.

Dina adds that "music dictates your mood so obviously if you’re in a bad mood it can lift you up, but simultaneously it you’re really excited you can use it calm you down." Right, we're blasting out the '90s Spotify playlist during our next workout.

dina asher smith interview

4. Workout with friends

"I love to run in a group. It’s so much easier to run with your training partners because they spur you on." Basically, it's a great idea to train with a friend or colleague, or alternatively book into group class sessions at the gym!

5. Dress to impress

"Everyone always laughs at me if I turn up [to a competition] with full makeup on looking amazing. They’re like "she’s going to run good today!". But yeah, a lot of people do roll their eyes, but [looking good for a competition] is a confidence thing. There’s about 10 million people watching you after all!" says Dina.

So, the phrase "look good, run fast" definitely holds up here. While everyone will tell you not to bother dressing up for the gym, we say give it a go - if it's good enough for a British athlete, it sure is good enough for us at heatworld.

Katarina Thompson-Johnson and Dina Asher Smith are part of the Müller Athletic Squad. Müller have partnered with British Athletics to inspire the next generation to have fun with athletics. Müller events encourage consumers to have fun and be in the moment of now, enjoying moments of pleasure. Find out more: www.Müllercorner.com

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