Hungry? You would be if you were one of these poor dogs – they can’t reach their food :-(

Spare a thought for these hapless fellas when you’re eating your dinner tonight. It's not always easy getting food into your gob.


by Lucie Cave |
Published on

There are times when it pays to be a human rather than a four-legged friend. And that’s when you’re faced with food on a table, flamin' hunger in your belly and legs too stubby to reach anywhere near your plate of desire. Take these cute little canines who, despite their valiant efforts trying to bounce their way right onto the ceiling, just can’t quite get their meal choice into their mouths.

There's the dog desperate for crisp bread...

The pizza pesterer...

And the sausage botherer...

Still, they're nothing if not determined.

p.s Anyone else think that last sausage looks mightily unappetising?

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