IKEA launches £5 afternoon tea and OMG 🙌


Ikea afternoon tea

by Carl Smith |
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Who doesn't love a trip to IKEA? Playing houses in the showrooms despite being fully-fledged adults, filling the trolley with about £50-worth of candles and novelty ice cube trays, those weirdly-cute, teeny-tiny pencils. It's always an experience.

And, without doubt, the best part of any IKEA visit is the café. We're not sure what it is, but something about the Swedish store has us craving a plate of meatballs with that deliciously-beige gravy-type stuff.

So obviously we're over the bloody moon that IKEA has just launched a £5 afternoon tea situation.

Ikea afternoon tea
©© Ikea

Yup - throughout May IKEA shoppers can enjoy afternoon tea for a fraction of the price of those fancy London haunts like Claridge's.

So what's on the menu, then? Well, you've got:

Prawn and egg canapés, seaweed pearl and egg canapés, meatball open sandwiches (YAAAS), cheese open sandwiches, krustader with herring, krustader with cheese and gherkin, Daim cake, cinnamon buns, Kafferprep pastries and biscuits and tea or coffee.


Ikea store

IKEA's afternoon tea (or Swedish Fika, if you wanna be all fancy about it) launches in May and you have to book a 45-minute slot through their site to attend, so HURRY.

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