Who is Lady Colin Campbell?

And why is she called Lady Colin?

Lady Colin Campbell

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Those of us expecting Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews to be the poshest campmate in this year’s I’m A Celebrity are in for a rude awakening – because ACTUAL aristocrat Lady Colin Campbell is in the jungle.


Who is Lady Colin Campbell?

Lady Campbell has a very interesting past – she was actually raised as a boy until her late teens because of a birth defect, and was known as George William until having corrective surgery at the age of 21 and being recertified as a woman, Georgia Arianna.

She’s spoken out about her fearsome parents before – at the age of 13, when she reached out to a gynaecologist for help, her mum and dad had her hospitalised for three weeks and pumped full of male hormones, despite still being genetically female.

Lady Campbell
Lady Campbell

When she refused to live as a teenage boy, her father told her to commit suicide by taking rat poison.

Speaking about it in an interview, Georgia said: “The only way out he could conceive was that I should commit suicide. He told me: ‘The one solution to your problem is a dose of rat poison’.”

Why is Lady Colin Campbell famous?

Despite her traumatic upbringing, Lady Campbell thrived as a controversial author, penning books about the royal family that caused many a scene among the upper class.

Her book Diana In Private: The Princess Nobody Knows, which was published in 1992, went into great detail about Princess Diana’s struggle with bulimia and her affair with James Hewitt.

Georgia’s claims were ridiculed in the press until further sources stepped forward to confirm them.

However, she has also written about the Queen Mother being born via a surrogate – the family cook, no less – which more people are sceptical about.

Why is she called Lady Colin?

Remember in the past, when women quite literally took the name of their husband? LOL (not LOL).

Georgie, as she’s known to her friends, married Lord Colin Campbell, the son of the 11th Duke of Argyll, in 1974 after knowing him for five days.

“Every girl of my age wanted to be married,” Lady Colin has said.

“No matter how successful you were, if you hadn’t been married you were not a success.”

She's game at the Bush Tucker Trials. We'll give her that.

The marriage lasted for nine months until they separated, with Lady Colin citing her husband’s abusiveness and drug addiction. They divorced 14 months after they married.

Lady Colin says that she asked the press to stop referring to her as Lady Colin but was ignored, and now that she’s a published author and “household name” (her words) she intends to keep using it.

Is there anything else I need to know about Lady Colin?

She claims to have dated former EastEnders star Larry Lamb, calling him “a darling”.

Larry Lamb - you know, Archie Mitchell in EastEnders - is a proper silver fox. Go Lady C!

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