I’m A Celebrity 2015 line-up rumours: Jake Wood, Craig Charles, Gemma Collins, Spencer Matthews and Kourtney Kardashian?!

Who is in I'm A Celeb 2015? When does it start?

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2015 rumoured line up for UK cast

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I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! 2015 is merely months away now, and the rumour mill has been spitting out a whole host of celebrity names that might be heading Down Under when the ITV show hits our screens.


The show doesn't have an exact launch date yet, but it's expected to be in mid-November 2015.



Gemma Collins: back for more 'big yellow poos' in IAC 2015?
Gemma Collins: back for more 'big yellow poos' in IAC 2015?

Gemma Collins quit the I'm A Celeb jungle last year after a mere 72 hours - and was rumoured to still have been paid her whole fee. HOWEVER, it's now been suggested she could make a comeback, as she made for such good telly.

Paddy Power posted odds of 10/1 on the ex-TOWIE star making a return to the jungle, and with her new fitness regime, maybe she'll be able to hack it this time... or at least last longer than three nights.

A source recently told The Sun: "Although Gemma's last stint in the jungle was a disaster, she made great TV.

"Bosses are fascinated to see if she can overcome her fears and stay for the duration. Talks are at an advanced stage, but Gemma is up for it and is desperate to prove she can stick it out."

Last year Gemma made an amazing entrance, as she demanded to get out of a helicopter while in mid-air. Then there was the food situation, which poor old Gem struggled with a fair bit - at one point she moaned that "even murderers get fed three times a day". Finally, at one stage, Gemma was under the impression she had contracted malaria, as she did 'a big yellow poo'.


Craig Charles back in I'm A Celebrity 2015?

Craig Charles was another refugee from *I'm A Celebrity 2014. *However, unlike Gemma Collins, Craig actually had a very decent reason for leaving. Sadly the Coronation Street and Red Dwarf actor had to leave the show after four days, as his brother Dean died from a blood clot at the age of 52.

Speaking after the show, Craig told The Sunday Express he had actually "blanked" his brother in the run up to the show: "Dean had left me a couple of text messages before I came in [the jungle] saying, 'Craig how are you? Can we meet up?' And I'd kind of blanked him because I had too much going on.

"There was all sorts of stuff I had to get sorted before I went into the jungle. So I thought, 'You know what, I'll leave it until I come out then I'll get in contact with him then.'"

Following Dean's death, Craig decided to throw himself into his work and refused to cancel his DJ bookings. He tweeted: "We bury my brother Dean on Friday and as he would want the show goes on. No shows are cancelled. In fact please come along to raise a glass (sic)."

So maybe this means Craig would be up for a return to the jungle? Paddy Power have him down to return with odds of 1/5.


Spencer Matthews

Yep, Made In Chelsea's Puggy - aka Spencer Matthews - has now left the reality show, so he's free to pursue all of his kangaroo-bollock-eating dreams. *MIC'*s Hugo Taylor previously appeared in 2012, so it's not out of the realms of possibility that Spenny could fly out there.

A show insider told The Sun: "This deal has been in the offing for a while now as ITV think Spencer will be perfect.

"He couldn't do it last year for various reasons, but everything's fallen into place and he is going to be on the next series."


Rustie Lee

According to *The Sun, *Rustie Lee - the '80s TV chef - was due to join the show last year but had to drop out, so it would make sense that she's ready to hop back on the plane and gobble up some 'roo nuts.

Rustie frequented lots of kids' TV shows in the '80s, and the word is that TV producers have wrangled her for her strong political views. And while she probably won't be whipping out any revelations about government bigwigs and farmyard animals, she did join UKIP in 2004 and ran unsuccessfully in the 2005 general election.


Jake Wood

EastEnders' Max Branning faired pretty well when he took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2014, so maybe he could foxtrot his way around all the creepy crawlies in the IAC jungle.

Jake Wood, who also won heat's Weird Crush in 2015, is set to take time out from EastEnders later this year, leaving a lovely Australia-shaped hole in his schedule. He told reporters: "I'm not squeamish, so eating strange stuff wouldn't bother me."


Kourtney Kardashian

HA HA HA HA HA HA! We think ITV might have to cancel all their other shows in order to pay an actual Kardashian to go into the jungle to nibble on some grubs with soap stars, but still, we can dream.

The only thing that makes it slightly plausible is that this could help boost her career beyond the realms of Kim, Kylie, Kendall, Khloe and Caitlyn. Paddy Power have her at odds of 5/1. So if you have actual money to burn, it might be worth a punt.


Caitlyn Jenner


Again, we wish this would happen, but even though Caitlyn is a former Olympian, we think diving out of helicopters and sleeping in the middle of the jungle might be a bit too much for the 65 year old. The Daily Star reckons show bosses are ready to "break the bank" to get Ms Jenner into the show, by which they must mean "break into several banks and raid some cash machines, too" as Caitlyn would undoubtedly need a HEFTY FEE.


50 Cent

Sure, he might only have 50 cents to his name (sorry, you've probably heard that joke a lot now), but we're not sure if Fiddy can be persuaded to enter the jungle. Surely it doesn't give rappers many cool points. Do rappers care about cool points? Tinchy Stryder went in last year and just look how well he's doing no- .... oh.


Scott Mills

Radio 1's Scott Mills went down a storm on Strictly Come Dancing, but at least then he could still nip back and continue to do his show and reference his amazing lobster dance. This might be a tad more difficult if he's going to be stranded in the middle of the jungle, but still, Paddy Power have pegged him with odds of 4/1.


Ed Balls says NO to balls

Would the former shadow chancellor have the balls to go to Oz and eat, erm, balls? Well, it turns out Ed turned down the offer to go on IAC in August 2015.

"No. I wrote back to say that I'd already subjected myself to one high-profile public vote this year, and I wasn't really sure that I wanted a second one," he recently explained.

"At least having to eat bugs and crickets wasn't part of the election process. I'm not tough enough for that."


Leslie Ash

Leslie Ash's fame has floundered a bit since Men Behaving Badly and, erm, having her lips made massive. She's been dealing with illness. However, she's now feeling better and the show's makers sound keen to get her on board.

A source said: "Bosses are currently seeing people about this year's series, and Leslie would be a great contestant if it could be made to work."

ALL the rumoured line-up for this year's I'm A Celeb


I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2015 rumoured line up

Rustie Lee - '80s TV chef and UKIP candidate1 of 23

Rustie Lee - '80s TV chef and UKIP candidate

Anyone born later than 1985 probably won't have heard of Rustie - she was on Celebrity Super Spa back in 2013 though. Anyone? ...No?

Jake Wood - aka EastEnders' Max Branning2 of 23

Jake Wood - aka EastEnders' Max Branning

heat's Weird Crush 2015 winner would look mighty good in some cargo shorts, that's for damn sure. After his Strictly success, would he really want to go into the jungle to feast on weird anuses, though?

Ed Balls - politician3 of 23

Ed Balls - politician

Ed turned down the offer to go on IAC in August 2015, saying: “No. I wrote back to say that I’d already subjected myself to one high-profile public vote this year, and I wasn’t really sure that I wanted a second one. “At least having to eat bugs and crickets wasn’t part of the election process. I’m not tough enough for that.” Guess that's a no to Balls, then.

Craig Charles - Coronation Street actor4 of 23

Craig Charles - Coronation Street actor

Craig sadly had to drop out of his 2014 jungle stint following the death of his brother, so there's a slim chance he could make a comeback this year.

Gemma Collins - ex-TOWIE cast member5 of 23

Gemma Collins - ex-TOWIE cast member

Gemma Collins managed a whopping THREE nights in the jungle before she quit in last year's show. Nevertheless, she did make for amazing telly and with her new fitness regime, she might be able to hack it better this time around. Sadly, it's been reported she hasn't passed this year's strict screening process, so her odds of appearing Down Under look increasingly unlikely...

Spencer Matthews - ex-Made In Chelsea6 of 23

Spencer Matthews - ex-Made In Chelsea

This MICster couldn't be MORE out of place in the Australian jungle if he tried. Can you even imagine what he'd be like with all the female campmates? Mind you, everyone else in the line-up would love having him there - he'd be guaranteed to get most of the Bushtucker Trials if the British public have anything to do with it...

Jamelia - Loose Women panellist7 of 23

Jamelia - Loose Women panellist

Loose Women's Jamelia is 10/1 to be named Queen of the Jungle, according to Paddy Power. Though she's currently still performing on rival BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, so we're guessing her schedule won't allow her to guzzle unsavoury koala bits just yet.

Susannah Constantine, TV presenter8 of 23

Susannah Constantine, TV presenter

Sassy Suse, who along with Trinny Woodall had hit TV show What Not To Wear for five years, has apparently been offered £200,000 to appear on I'm A Celeb. But will she wear cargo shorts?

Jorgie Porter, ex-Hollyoaks star9 of 23

Jorgie Porter, ex-Hollyoaks star

Jorgie has actually been spotted in Australia's Brisbane airport ahead of I'm A Celeb's kick-off, so she's looking a pretty likely candidate for the jungle. No doubt she's packed plenty of bikinis for those waterfall scenes...

Stephanie Davis, ex-Hollyoaks star10 of 23

Stephanie Davis, ex-Hollyoaks star

Poor old Steph was actually signed up for this year's I'm A Celeb, but had to pull out two weeks before the start date because of her severe allergy to nuts. Actual nuts, not kangeroo balls, we're guessing...

Chris Eubank, ex-boxer11 of 23

Chris Eubank, ex-boxer

The eccentric - some might say reclusive - former sportsman has reportedly signed up for I'm A Celeb in return for a tasty £200,000 cheque. We're not sure how he'll cope in the jungle without his collection of excellent suits and fondness for silver-topped canes...

Yvette Fielding, Most Haunted presenter12 of 23

Yvette Fielding, Most Haunted presenter

Yvette's been touted for the IAC line-up, but with a skin condition that makes her very sensitive to sunlight, would a jungle stint be the best idea? She also tweeted on Nov 2 that she was off to the Midlands for filming - or could that have been a cheeky ruse to throw people off the scent?

Ferne McCann off TOWIE13 of 23

Ferne McCann off TOWIE

A show source said of the reality star: “Ferne is incredibly outspoken and she can be a bit of a stirrer. So if she rubs some of her camp-mates up the wrong way, sparks will really fly.”

Chloe Sims off TOWIE14 of 23

Chloe Sims off TOWIE

There was speculation this reality star could be joining the jungle line-up earlier this month, but due to the tighter screening process, it's been reported that Chloe was turned down by show bosses. Shame.

George Shelley off Union J15 of 23

George Shelley off Union J

This little poplet - who's blossomed into quite the sexy swan - has been rumoured for IAC for a while now, along with bandmate Josh Curthbert. Could we bare to see that angelic face covered in cockroach poop, though?

Josh Cuthbert off Union J16 of 23

Josh Cuthbert off Union J

Lovely Josh was actually rumoured for the jungle before bandmate George, and we must say it's an extremely close toss-up between which one of them we'd most like to see under a waterfall. Can we have both, please?

Caitlyn Jenner17 of 23

Caitlyn Jenner

Yeah, no. This is 99.9999999% definitely not happening... but just ponder a universe in which it did.

Vicky Pattison off Geordie Shore18 of 23

Vicky Pattison off Geordie Shore

If there's one person we could rely on to cajole all the campmates off their arses, it's VP. Can you even imagine what she'd be like in the jungle? It would be IMMENSE.

Lady Colin Campbell, royal biographer19 of 23

Lady Colin Campbell, royal biographer

The woman behind one of the most explosive books about Princess Diana is now said to be up for the challenges of the jungle - but will she survive without her aristocratic comforts?

Leslie Ash20 of 23

Leslie Ash

Actress Leslie's been keeping a low profile of late, what with the lip filling treatment that exploded her pout all those years ago, then contracting a nasty strain of MRSA that gave her mobility problems. Having said that, if she can survive all that lot, an all-rice diet and a couple of fish head baths will be an absolute breeze in comparison.

Kieron Dyer21 of 23

Kieron Dyer

Footballer Kieron's most recent claim to fame off the pitch was being romantically linked to Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. He's been spotted touching down at Brisbane airport this week though, so he's almost certainly part of the line-up.

Brian Friedman22 of 23

Brian Friedman

Choreographer Brian is the creative director of The X Factor, so we'd be pretty surprised if Simon Cowell let him go while the show is airing. Saying that, Brian would be an ace addition to the I'm A Celeb 2015 line-up purely on the basis of his bitchy comments.

Duncan Bannatyne23 of 23

Duncan Bannatyne

Probably the most grumpy multimillionaire to have ever appeared on Dragons' Den, Duncan would almost certainly challenge Spencer Matthews for the public's hatred.

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