Apparently, your relationship is CRAP if you fail this one Instagram test

Umm.. Awks.

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by Latifah Davis-Cole |
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Everybody has that one friend who is they used to hear from ALL the time. But, as soon as they scooped themselves a new beau, they become missing from planet earth.

You're probs thinking of somebody, right?

The only Snapchat's she ever uploads are selfies of the two of them, captioned: selfies with bae. And, when you do meet up after a long few months, every other sentence is to do with him… I mean it's (kinda, sorta) cute … But have you not been up to anything else sis?

Well, apparently, if her Instagram doesn't pass the 'Bechdel' test, then not everything is all as it seems. She might in fact be having, a really shitty time with him.

The Bechdel test is a well-known test applied in movies and fiction.

So, this is how you pass: There has to be two women who talk to each other about something other than a male.

Seems intense, huh? (Sarcasm)

It's quite an awkward test to apply to our social-media driven lives. But, the concept certainly can. And, here is how you can apply it to Instagram:

In a grid of six photos, if there isn't a single photo of her and her friends, then she's probably dating the kind of guy who gets annoyed when she says she's going out. Yep, one of them ones.

However, for celebs, it's a bit different because you know they have to post regularly to stay relevant and alla that. But with a bit of digging, I'm sure you'll be able to come up with your own theories.

Did any celebs fail the test?

kylie jenner
selena gomez

Nope. Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez didn't.

Did any of your friends fail the test?

It raises the question, 'Just how accurate is this test?' Hmm. We may never know. Perhaps some of us are just lonely and have too much time on our hands so we think of the most bizarre reason to comfort us as to why our girlie no longer wants to chill with us.

I mean, surely cuddling with bae isn't better than a night out with your girlfriends… Right?


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