The iPhone 8 apparently won’t be available in this colour and we’re devo :(

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It all started with a Palm Pilot, skip to 2010 and it was the Blackberry Bold. Then along came the snazzy pristine white iPhone 4 and, more recently, the rose gold iPhone (6s/6 Plus/7 depending on how fancy af you are). Over the years, the basic bitches' go-to smartphone has come in a number of forms, each one more glam than the next.

But now it looks as though our carefully curated tech aesthetic might be about to change for good, as rumour has it Apple are ditching Rose Gold as an iPhone colour.

iPhone 8

Seriously. We may have to start snapping our mirror selfies with a silver iPhone, or heaven forbid, SLATE GREY.

This disturbing news comes as YouTuber and tech fan Danny Winget claims he's managed to get his hands on the latest mock-ups of the eagerly-anticipated iPhone 8. And there's absolutely no rose gold in sight.

Instead, it's been replaced by some devil hue called Copper Gold. And we're definitely NOT here for it. Even Danny calls it ' pretty ugly' and a 'drastic change' from the rose gold colour.

Apple have not yet confirmed what the iPhone 8 will look like, or how many shades it will be available in. So, here's hoping this leaked design is just one big practical joke.

iPhone 8

In other techy news, WhatsApp's latest update is a pretty big deal.

FINALLY following in the footsteps of Android, iOS's latest WhatsApp update now allows you to pin your favourite conversations to the top of your conversation list. Yaaaas.

The feature's been available on Android since May, and now all you iPhone users are able to pin your 3 of your fave contacts, convos or group chats to the top so you NEED NEVER SCROLL AGAIN.

BUT, you should watch out for this latest scam.

Apparently, the app have had to issue a warning to their users, after fraudsters managed to wangle bank details off hundreds of unsuspecting Brits, by telling them their WhatsApp ‘trial subscription’ was coming to an end.

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