Jack Whitehall bags a major role in a new film alongside Jennifer Aniston!

Jack is one lucky man


by Ellie Henman |

After the success of his Bad Education film, Jack Whitehall has revealed he’s got a major role in a new Hollywood film. The actor will be starring alongside Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts in the production by director Garry Marshall.

Jack, 27, will play a young dad in the film which is about a group of mums in the run up to Mother’s Day.

We wonder if he’s going to get the chance to hook up with Jen-An? We think they could be a perfect on-screen pairing.

“To be working with such great people will be exciting and nerve-racking in equal measure,” Jack told the Sun. But director Garry Marshall is a Hollywood legend so I couldn’t be in better hands.


The film – which is set to be released in 2016 – also stars Kate Hudson, Helen Mirren and Jennifer Connolly.

Jack also revealed that when working on Bad Education he had more freedom to go further with the film than he did when it was a BBC Three TV show.

“Because it’s the BBC there are certain limitations but you can push boundaries a little bit more when you are doing a film,” he explained.

“There are no [sniggers] taste and decency barriers.”

We wouldn’t expect any less. Congratulations, Jack. The walk of fame awaits you…

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