TikTok’s James Foremann gets real about his biggest dating nightmare ever 🤭

It's the romantic movie choice for us 😳

TikTok's James Foremann reveals worst date story for POM

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TikTok-type James Foremann might be all loved-up with girlfriend Bella Hill right now, but it's safe to say the lad's had his fair share of dating nightmares in his time.

Ahead of the July 27th launch of POM (aka the Power of Music) - a brand-spankin'-new dating app letting music-loving users connect through emotion rather than a load of FaceTuned photos - James has revealed his worst ever dating wobble. And OH, it's brilliant.

Describing his most cringe-worthy date, James spilled, "There are a few things as humans we just don't want to share; one being our worst dating nightmares. But POM has asked me to kindly share that experience with you guys.

"When I was 16 or 17, I was completely pure. I hadn't kissed a girl or hugged a girl. Nothing."

James continued, "I thought, 'I'll invite [this girl I'm dating] to my house and see what happens.' So, I asked my girl friends for advice.

"They said 'if you don't kiss her on the first date, you might as well end it all. Game over.' The pressure that put me under was astronomical.

"So she comes round, we're sitting on the bed and watching Creed...she says 'I've got to leave by 2.30.' I check the time and it's 2; so I've got half an hour [to kiss her].

"At 2.30 she stands up and says 'I've got to go now.' I thought 'not without this kiss, you're not.'

"So I stand up - and I'm a tall boy - and lean in for the kiss. She curves me, I go over her head and hug her.

"She whispers 'I'm so sorry, I can't do this any more' and leaves. And then I cried."

PIED, mate. Absolutely gutted.

Fancy new dating app POM was created by young, up-and-coming entrepreneurs Vihan Patel and Vladimir Ignatyev.

Inspired by his time hosting club nights, Vihan saw that the music we listen to has a fundamental impact on who we are; from what we wear and drink to who we spend our time with. This led Vihan to be inspired to think about creating an app that utilises the power of music to help bring people together.

Better than a load of filtered photos and bulls*** bio, right?

In just a few weeks, POM's already boasting over 25,000 single users looking to build a connection; with an actual real life POM PARTY even taking place on July 4th 2021 in London.

Get involved here, if you fancy.

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