James Middleton competes in the heat 2018 Games

Did he win?!


by Arianna Chatzidakis |
Published on

Here at heatworld, we take journalistic investigations very seriously. So much so that we took it upon ourselves to perform in sports day style events to get to the bottom of one VERY important question: is Survival Of The Fittest's James Middleton actually that fit?

We challenged him to take part in the heat Games 2018 (think part Hunger Games, part Year 5 sports day). You can expect to watch James and our heatworld's Arianna go head-to-head in a series of hilarious challenges, like balancing a book on their heads and doing the egg-and-spoon race.

James also shared his wisdom on working out (because if you didn't already know, he's quite a pro at the gym and he's also a dab hand at sports presenting). He'll show you how to do certain workouts like sit ups and press ups the correct way. ENJOY!

Watch James Middleton take part in the heat 2018 Games here:

How impressive are his press ups, plz? We bow down to the king of the gym.

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