Janice Dickinson has a seizure in the Celebrity Big Brother House

Janice suffered an allergic reaction to an insect sting

by Anna Lewis |
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Janice Dickinson was seen having a seizure on last night’s Celebrity Big Brother.

The 60-year-old suffered an allergic reaction after being stung by an insect.

Former supermodel Janice entered the Diary Room and was holding her hand up to the camera; demanding immediate medical attention.

She shouted to Big Brother: “I need an EpiPen, an EpiPen right away,” as she showed her severely swollen and discoloured fingers to the camera.

“They're turning black! It is going up my hand. I don't want it to reach my heart.”

Janice then explained that she is allergic as Big Brother told her she must keep breathing and try to stay calm.


The star then suffered a seizure on camera and fell to the floor, while she got tended to by medical professionals. She was later rushed to hospital.

The camera then panned to presenter Emma Willis who assured viewers that after being treated, Janice was back to full health after being treated in hospital.


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