Jessie J rips her dress live on Celebrity Juice – and it’s all because she’s scared of tents

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It’s a good thing Jessie J isn’t too fussed about the AHEM money money money, because the Price Tag singer rips her designer dress in half during tonight’s episode of Celebrity Juice – and her phobia of tents is to blame.

Yep, that’s right. Apparently people can actually have a phobia of tents, officially known as tisantaphobia (no, we aren’t too sure how to pronounce that either). And Jessie J is one of those very people.

Despite her fear, Keith Lemon challenges the *Bang Bang *singer to step inside a tent during tonight’s Halloween-themed episode in order to win a point for her team. What he doesn’t tell her is that there’s a goblin inside ready to jump out at the singer, and poor old Jessie ends up ripping her very expensive dress during her flight out.

Jessie damaged her dress so badly that she actually had to change her outfit halfway through filming, but still managed to keep her vampirey costume going by opting for a pair of black latex trousers instead.


Luckily, the star seemed to find the whole prank rather amusing and took to her Instagram account earlier today to upload a photo of herself and her fellow contestants in all of their gloomy glory.

Jessie captioned the snap: “The MOST I’ve laughed on a TV show ever! Keith thank you so much for inviting me on!”

Jessie J has spoken out about her phobia of tents in the past. In an interview with Q back in 2011, she said: "When I was a kid, my dad used to make me and my sisters sleep in a tent in the garden to man us up a bit. And all I have is a memory of my dad weeing in a bucket outside, him pretending to be a bear, me getting really bad heat rash and eczema, woodlice everywhere, my mum taking pictures from the house going, ‘Hi kids!’, and being really eccentric. So I think that’s why.”

Yeah, that would make sense. Make sure you tune in to tonight’s episode of Celebrity Juice on ITV2 at 10pm to watch the action (or should we say dress) unfold.

GALLERY: Jessie J and her ever-changing hair


Jessie J and her changing hair

jessie-j-black-blonde-wig1 of 17


jessie-j-short-black-hair2 of 17


jessie-j-black-fringe-hair3 of 17


jessie-j-black-bangs-hair4 of 17


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jessie-j-short-black-bob9 of 17


jessie-j-really-short-hair10 of 17


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