Jodie Marsh’s new TLC documentary Women Who Pay For Sex is SHOCKING – and a bit sad

Here's why we'll be watching the famously celibate glamour model delve into the grimy world of male prostitution


by Emmeline Saunders |
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Jodie Marsh floating with her giant boobs in a swimming pool while quizzing mismatched couples on whether they’re REALLY in love is basically our idea of TV heaven, which is why we’re going to be glued to her new TLC documentary on Wednesday 18 March.

Our favourite boob model (soz Jordan) is back with two brand spanking new shows, and the first – Jodie Marsh On Women Who Pay For Sex – airs this week.


    In it, Jodie claims “thousands” of British women pay male escorts for sex – but she couldn’t find a single one who would go on camera and admit it.

    Instead she flies out to America where she meets a bunch of females who are way happier to go on the record about their sexual needs.

    “It is so weird - the British women are just so reserved and embarrassed by it all. In the end we had to go to the States where the women were much more open and happy to talk about their reasons why,” she said.

    Naughty cigarette, mate?

    Jodie, who has been celibate for more than four years, admitted that the idea for the documentary came about after she looking online for a male prostitute, but said she didn’t find any attractive enough to actually go through with it.

    “I know what my motives are, but I also know there are women who are actually doing it, and I wanted to find out if their motives were the same as mine,” she added.

    “There are many reasons why women do it – for some it is the only way they can get sex, for others they have a higher sex drive than their partners.”

    Catch Jodie Marsh On Women Who Pay For Sex on Wednesday 18 March on 10pm over on TLC.

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