Joey Essex is Standing Up To Cancer with #cancerREEMsearch. Are you?



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Stand Up To Cancer have recruited a certain someone who you might just recognise to help them with their latest campaign. That’s right – Joey Essex has brought his fusey skills to SUTC!

So where better to put the TOWIE star’s talents to best use than in the thick of it all – the lab? OK, OK – so maybe we don’t 100 per cent trust him near petri dishes and latex gloves, but by jove do we appreciate his contribution to the charity’s incredible work.

Joey’s helping the one-in-three people affected by cancer with his #cancerREEMsearch video, which he’s filmed to raise awareness and to remind you lovely lot to get involved.

How can you get involved? Well, there’s the March On Cancer, which takes place Saturday 11 October. And Channel 4’s big Stand Up To Cancer show the week after (Friday 17 October).

Don’t forget to check out all this lovely merch you could be wearing during the march, or sat at home on your sofa enjoying the show too!

Or there’s always some good old fashioned donating – just click here help speed breakthroughs from labs to patients and help save more lives.

Oh, and seeing as you’re here – how do you fancy seeing the outtakes from Joey’s #cancerREEMsearch video? Yeah, thought you might…

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