The John Lewis Christmas advert 2014 is here – AND it’s got a cute penguin!

Here's some free advertising, John Lewis, you heartbreakers you.

by Emmeline Saunders |
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It’s the 6 November, which means it’s open season on Christmas advertising. Huzzah for capitalism!

And, like clockwork, John Lewis has unveiled its 2014 Christmas ad to get us all in the mood for some serious oh-god-it’s-only-seven-weeks-before-we-have-to-participate-in-the-enforced-jollity-of-the-festive-season guilt.

This time round, we’re back in cute kid territory. And there’s a CGI penguin who’s BFFs with the little boy. Monty the Penguin loves playing with Lego, bouncing on a trampoline and swimming in the boating pond at Regent’s Park – exactly like a real penguin.

But he’s also sad, because he hasn’t got a little penguin playmate. So the boy, who’s clearly aged around eight, goes shopping BY HIMSELF to make it all better. Where are his parents? There are some serious child protection issues being raised here.

With Tom Odell providing this year's song - a rendition of John Lennon's Real Love - this is set to be a tearjerker. It'll premiere on Channel 4 this Friday night during a Gogglebox ad break.

ANYWAY, take a look at the advert and tell us what you think.

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