Keith Lemon talks us through the funniest new characters from his sketch show.

Keith Lemon is back on ITV2 and no celebrity is safe! He introduces heat to his favourite celeb alter egos..

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The clip of him playing Kim Kardashian has already had over 7 million views on ITV2's Facebook page and tonight’s the night we get to see Keith Lemon’s new set of celebrity piss-takes in all their glory. Here he talks us through his favourites and gives us a hint of what we can expect from his new show.

My big fat gypsy Kardashians

"My big fat gypsy kardashians live in the best caravan in the caravan site. It’s the lead up to Kim and Kanye’s wedding and she almost doesn’t walk down the aisle. She’s got her own high fashion boutique called Gash which she sells on the side of the road- sexy clothing and wheel trims..."

"I got quite a lot of attention from the crew as Kim Kardashian – I didn’t realise how pretty I was but I am! And I missed myself as Kim Kardashian when I wasn’t her anymore. I had dark contact lenses in".

Kooor look at Keith!
Kooor look at Keith!

Mark Wright

“I’ve done a sketch called ‘The exciting life of Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright’ and Emily Atack plays Keegan. They do allsorts of stuff like going swimming or he pops to the shops to buy her tampons. He also buys a shed. Normal stuff that normal people do but its more entertaining to watch them doing it because they’re good looking.”

The magical lego hair of Mark Wright

Downtoon Abbey

“I play the Earl and the whole set up is that the producers are worried they don’t have a young enough demographic so they bring in the producers of Geordie Shore and its called . It’s acted in a similar vein to Downton Abbey but the behavior is what you would see in Geordie Shore.”

Eh up, look at the Earl...

Miley Cyrus

"Miley comes to England so she can learn British etiquette. Her dad Billy Ray (played by John Thompson from Cold Feet) wants her to go back to kids telly so he can buy a chicken farm, but she always ruins the plan by getting her tit flap out. Billy takes her to places like Buckingham Palace and she sees the guards and says stuff like “Look at his big furry hat - it makes me want to get my tit flap out”.

Titty flap Cyrus

David Dickinson

“He presents a show called ‘David Dickinson’s any old shit’ so people bring him window cleaner, broken paddling pools and baked potatoes and he tries to get a good price for them and puts them up for auction. I dont know why but he also makes a lot of funny noises.”

Dicky Dickinson

Harry Styles

“Harry Styles and One Direction feature in the sketch with Ferne Cotton who interviews them for “Ferne does..” But Harry is always snogging old ladies. The director purposely made me to loads of takes and I had to use tongues. I’ve never kissed an old lady before. It’s strange. Very fleshy.”

What a stonking nose on Harry Styles...

The Keith Lemon Sketch show is on ITV2 tonight at 10pm.

Keith will be a guest on Lucie Cave’s heat radio show this Saturday morning between 10-12.

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