KFC, Iceland and Peter Andre had a Twitter fight and we don’t know what to think

Err... U OK huns?

Peter Andre 2

by Polly Foreman |
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We're sure you've heard by now about the KFC drama sweeping the nation, and it seems that quite literally everyone is losing the plot about the fast food branch running out of chicken.

Yesterday, the supermarket Iceland got involved in all the ruckus, tweeting: "Oi @KFC_UKI, we can deliver this in time for tomorrow? 👀"


KFC then replied saying: "There's no gravy there, we definitely can't operate without gravy..."


Then it all kicked off, and Iceland took it upon themselves to make a Twitter poll.

They wrote: 'Hmm, we think we should let the people decide... 🤔 What's more important from a fried chicken place?' and chicken became the clear winner.


KFC then responded with: "Fair point. Can we borrow Peter Andre from you for our grand re-opening?"


At this point in probably the weirdest Twitter feud we've ever seen in our whole entire lives, Peter Andre himself got involved.

He posted a screenshot of the exchange with the caption: "Hey don’t drag me into this. I’m still upset you ran out of chicken. Maybe you should have frozen some for a rainy day 😂@kfc_uki @icelandfoods #poweroffrozen".

We need a lie down, tbh.

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